Artist-Producer Essentials: Advanced (APE201)

Artist-Producer Essentials: Advanced (APE201)

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APE201 digs deeper into more advanced engineering, mixing techniques, & advanced editing skills. This course also introduces modern recording techniques like remote recording, basic post-production, and synthesis. Prerequisites: APE101

Course Instructors

This course is taught by:

School Director & Instructor

Kenny Cash

Audio Instructor

Billy Gardella

Audio Instructor

Ben McNamara


Do I need prior experience to apply?

Not necessarily. All our intro level courses are created for beginners – browse intro courses here!

When do applications open/close?

Private mentorships accept students all year round with rolling admission. Spring and fall semester course applications remain open until the first day of classes, or as long as there are seats available in classes. You can start an application here.

What’s the difference between a private mentorship and a course?

At Factory Underground Tech, a private mentorship is a series of one-on-one lessons with an industry professional. Private mentorships are designed to meet students' individual needs with flexible scheduling. Mentorships can be a few weeks long, a few months long, or even beyond. You can browse our mentorship programs here.

A semester course is a 60-hour curriculum-based class, taught in small pods. Each section has seats for up to 5 students. Semesters are 15 weeks long. The fall semester runs from early September to early December. The spring semester runs from late January to late April. All of our classes earn accredited certificates. You can start an application for a semester course here

It’s also possible to earn a 60-hour certificate in a private mentorship, over 20 weeks.

Which courses and mentorships would allow me to earn an accredited certificate?

Our accredited courselist includes introductory courses in Audio Engineering, Artist Production, Content Creation, Live Sound, and Music Business. You can browse our accredited courses here.

How many students are in group courses?

There are 5 seats in each class.

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. Browse our private mentorship programs here.

Do you offer career counseling?

Yes. Students meet with career counseling faculty to ask questions and receive guidance on their education and programs.

Do you offer programs for students of all ages?

Our courses are designed for a range of ages. Our students range from high schoolers, college-aged students seeking alternative secondary education in technology, and adults who want to learn something new or embrace a long-time passion with training. The best student is simply anyone with a drive to learn about audio engineering, music production, video production, and more. 

Students younger than high school are welcome to come for a tour and inspire their futures.