Nationally Accredited School for Music, Audio, and Video Technology, located in Norwalk, CT.

Our mission is to reach students and help them grow as artists, engineers, and people.

Our students are empowered by access to cutting-edge studio equipment, inside and outside of the classroom. Our instructors are all industry professionals. At Factory Underground Tech, we aim to cultivate confidence in essential career skills, and we encourage students to collaborate across creative disciplines at every turn.



I wanted to learn music production and audio engineering, but I got additional experience in video production, web design, and even music business. I had great teachers at FU Tech.

— Alexandra Slogoff

Factory Underground Tech has allowed me to develop my skills as an artist and as a producer and gave me the confidence to go out and perform and record my own music.

— ​​Jonah Birtwell

Thanks to Factory Underground Tech I've been able to sit in with instructors in actual clients’ sessions, and see first hand how to properly apply all the knowledge I gained throughout my classes.

— Jeff Willett